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For the adventurous and wild at heart.

So  the  story  goes...

Capturing the wild, raw moments.

I am excited to see you land on my lifestyle photography page. I am here to capture some of life’s most treasured moments. From couples sessions, to family photos, to newborn sessions, and even business branding. My camera bag is packed and ready to tag along your next adventure.


If we have yet to meet… Hi, I’m Kennedy! I stumbled into photography (quite literally) through my years of running a business online. I have a keen eye for aesthetics and worked endlessly to build a clean, eye-catching brand to tell my story for my business.

My husband got us our first professional camera when we went on a missions trip to Africa. I was convinced our phones could not capture all that we were about to see, and man alive was that the truth! Our pictures are timeless and it was one of our best investments. Fast forward five years, we finally got serious (I say we because my husband is actually the one who taught me how to work my camera off of automatic mode). We are your adventurous couple, summiting mountains and finding new places to explore and so naturally my camera tagged along on each and every hike. What started as capturing authentic photos for my lifestyle business, turned into capturing timeless moments for close, family friends in all kinds of celebrations.

Today, I get to share my passion for capturing authentic moments for the adventurous and off road trail blazers. I am your go to gal to tag along your next adventure and capture authentic, love felt moments.



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